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You have come to the right place to find any information imaginable about studying at a College!

You might be thinking that this is quite an odd name for a website? Well, we tend to differ! The name “College of…” is unique in the sense that it might complete any title you are searching for. Whether it is College of South Africa, College of Johannesburg, College of Study, College of Photography, College of Distance Education, College of Business Studies, College of Business Admin or College of Business, CollegeOf.co.za wants to give you information on just about any College related topic you can think of! When you look at it that way, we should actually be called “College of…ANYTHING”!

The saying “Knowledge is power” might be old and turning into a bit of a cliché, but it never lost its relevance and impact, as it remains so very true – now more than ever. One can never have too much knowledge or be too clever to learn something new, and that’s why education still features so prominently in our modern lives. Without proper training and the relevant qualifications, finding a job these days is almost impossible. Employers are in the position to pick and choose from the huge number of applicants, and it goes without saying that only the best of the best will be considered. Deciding to enrol for a College programme is therefore the first step towards a successful future. But, making the right choice is even more important.

It is not enough to get together a lot of brochures and information about many colleges and many courses. If you don’t know which questions to ask, you will only realise much later whether you made a good choice or not. And if you make a mistake in choosing a college or choosing a course, you often find very little sympathy from the college that you registered with. Most colleges will tell you that in the end it is your own responsibility to make the right choices when registering for a course of study. That’s what CollegeOf.co.za is here for!

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